Paige Santiago


Saint Joseph's University - Class of 2019
Major: English

Professional Statement

Everyone communicates, whether it be professionally, anecdotally or candidly. At the end of the day, communicating brings people together and when it is done correctly, it is easy to understand. Communicating should be a shared experience, which is why I like to break down my ideas to make them digestible for anyone who might come across my content.

I write as often as I can. I try to write about the things that I understand the best, and I try not to use jargon. As a copy editor for The Hawk newspaper at St. Joe’s, I force myself to look at each piece very intentionally and pick out the things that might make sense to me, but not necessarily my peers.

A large part of honing my skills as a writer and editor has come down to being self-critical, going through a review process and doing everything that I can to produce work that I am proud of. Taking risks and putting myself out there even when it makes me uncomfortable has also improved my work, not necessarily in my technical skills, but more so in my comfort in being a versatile writer. Even if the writing I produce isn’t successful all of the time, feedback and criticism is something that I always look for from my audience. There is a massive learning curve in effective communication that I work on every day.

As I participate in the daily practice of writing and figuring out the best way to convey a message, I turn to my experiences as a copy editor for the student newspaper and a peer tutor at the writing center at St. Joe’s. Both of these jobs require me to work with other people’s writing and have helped me engage differently with my own work. As a tutor, explaining writing and helping my peers craft their theses or adjust their transitions has elevated my own technical skill. Additionally, looking at the work of so many other writers in addition to writing some of my own pieces for The Hawk has proved to be a challenge worth investing the time in. From news, to opinions, to sports, each kind of article requires a unique style, which has pushed me to be more flexible in my writing and reading. All of my these experiences have made me a more well-rounded and intentional communicator, something I believe is extremely important when you want as many people as possible to understand your message.

Work Experience

Saint Joseph's University Writing Center

Tutor | Jan 2017- Current | Philadelphia, PA

  • Collaborate with students throughout their writing process
  • Provide constructive guidance on word usage, grammar, organization, etc.

The Hawk Newspaper

Copy Chief | Aug 2018 - Current | Philadelphia, PA

  • Manage a staff of two copyeditors
  • Provide feedback to section editors about their writers’ submissions
  • Oversee the quality and ensure accuracy of the newspaper


Corporate Communications Intern | May 2018 - Aug 2018 | Armonk, NY

  • Generated and posted internal blogs seen by the entire Watson business unit
  • Curated assets for an internal campaign
  • Led summer intern group project on rebranding company


Corporate Communications Intern | May 2017 - Aug 2017 | Armonk, NY

  • Generated blog posts for internal communication
  • Worked with Final Cut Pro editing tool, Silverpop, Slack and Zoom
  • Collaborated with interns on ways to improve marketing for our internship

Leadership Experience

Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI)

Vice President | Oct 2016-Feb 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

WLI empowers female students to take on active leadership roles and promotes an inclusive environment that fosters a constructive dialogue on women's issues.

  • Primary role is to organize and lead WLI's Professional Development Day where attendees learn and practice skills that are important in a professional environment.


  • Member of the English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta

Honors and Awards

National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing | November 2018

Presented on the best practices for tutoring, teaching and working in a collaborative environment

Dean's List

Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018

English Department's first-year writing contest | April 2016

First place in thesis-driven research paper category